What kind of health insurance is best for you?

If we talk about market place then there are five categories of health insurance they are silver, bronze, platinum, gold and catastrophic plans available in market. If you daily visit a doctor for medical treatment of some serious injury then go for platinum or gold plan as the insurance company will pay 80 to 90% and form your pocket they will cut like 10 to 20 percent.
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From Where to buy health insurance plans?

You can buy the coverage from brokers or insurers directly, like if your state doesn’t have its own marketplace then person will have to reach and buy insurance through healthcare.gov. However, if you will see then health insurance for your family and your loved ones should be directly purchased through broker or insurance companies on the other hand if you are eligible for government program then always go for that if not then get the quotes online for free...read more

    On the other hand if your are healthy then always go for silver or bronze plan in that you will have to pay fewer premiums as your are not a regular visitor to a hospital or you are not taking medicines on regular basis....read more

    If you are 30 or less than you can go for catastrophic plan as it helps when a person faces serious accident or illness....read more

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